Aerospace Products


Aero Plastics and Structures is proud to be a wholly owned Australian company supplying quality replacement components to the Regional and Airline industry, worldwide.

Our certification approvals granted by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) are as follows:-

  • Australian Parts Manufacturing Approval (APMA)

In accordance with the provisions of Civil Aviation Regulations
CAR (1998) Part 21.303
Certificate of approval - APMA No TL 99.001

Granted pursuant to regulation Civil Aviation Regulations CAR (1988) PART 21, 134
Certificate of approval - 539689-1

  • Certificate of Approval

Granted pursuant to Reg 30. of C.A.R. (1998) (Maintenance of Aircraft Components)

In addition to Australian approvals, Aero Plastics and Structures have also achieved national accreditation for manufacture and supply of specialised components.

Approved National Manufacturer
Certificate of Approval - B-N/A2A/30059

Granted by B-N Group Ltd, Bembridge, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Copies of the above approvals are available upon request.


Our capabilities, as approved by CASA include:-

  • Manufacture of Aircraft Transparencies
  • Manufacture of Non-structural Plastic Moulding
  • Manufacture of Moulded Interior Trim
  • Manufacture of Furnishings, Soft Trim & Upholstery
  • Manufacture and Repair of Sheetmetal Components
  • Manufacture of Small Machined Parts
  • Repair of Sheetmetal Components
  • Repair of Galleys, Toilets, Wall Panels, Bulkheads, Overhead Bins etc
  • Repair of Pax and Crew Seating



Aero Plastics and Structures is approved by CASA with an Australian Parts Manufacturing
Approval (APMA) issued in accordance with CAR (1998) Part 21.

All components are released with an Authorised Release Certificate and supplied with copies of the relevant material flammability test reports.Aero Plastics and Structures implements and conforms to the requirements of AS/NZS ISO9001 Quality Assurance.