Aerospace Products





Whether it be for a specialised one off concept to a high volume production run, Aero Plastics and Structures have the technology and amenities to design and manufacture a broad range of components to an infinite standard on a repetitive basis.

Apart from developing and building some of our own equipment and tooling ‘in house’, Aero Plastics and Structures have the capability to accurately machine all types of materials for a select range of aircraft parts.

We can also manufacture specialist tooling for aircraft servicing and maintenance.

In – House Testing Facilities

Aero Plastics and Structures possess the expertise and technology to carry out several testing procedures in-house.

All instruments are calibrated and tested to the required standards to ensure accurate results every time.

Some of the testing procedures we undertake are:

  • Material Hardness Testing – Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys, steel and some plastics
  • Pendulum Impact Testing – Up to 4J
  • Climbing Drum Test – Adhesion Test for Bonded Panels and Sandwich Panels etc