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Aero Plastics and Structures manufacture a comprehensive kit suitable for the 100, 200 and 300 series Twin Otter and includes:

  • New Ceiling Panels
  • New Wall Panels
  • New Window Surrounds
  • New Door Panels
  • New Lightweight Forward Bulkhead
  • New Decals
  • New Alluminium Mounting rails
  • New Fasteners
  • Installation Manual
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogue
  • Existing Light and vent units are to be re-used

Why should your Twin Otter feature an Aero Plastics and Structures
hard wall interior?

Versatility, Quality Hard Wearing Materials Used, Low Maintenance, Easy Installation, Variety of Colours Available, Enhances Visual Impact for years to come, Full Product and After Sales Support.

The Aero Plastics and Structures interior is versatile. Ideally suited for VIP, Commuter, Defence and Freight operations.

The kit is designed to satisfy the requirements of most Operators. It can be used successfully by high profile operators who have an Airline Image to maintain, as well as Charter Operators in remote areas, carrying freight one day and passengers the next.

The hard wall material used in the kit is a high impact plastic alloy, specifically designed for the aviation industry. This material is extremely durable and tolerant of both high and sub zero temperatures, making it ideal for operations in all environments. Unlike fabrics and vinyl type materials, it will not tear, rot, retain moisture or become discoloured.


The hard wall panels are easily cleaned, easily removed and easily installed during the course of maintenance. The panels are all clipped in to position and in some cases, secured with stainless steel self tapping screws. There is no stitching to come undone and being a hard wall material, it will not tear or become dog-eared, exposing unsightly adhesive covered structures.

From a maintenance point, we believe that the ease of panel removal and installation is important. The ceiling panels are made up from ten panels, providing excellent access to the various components. No tools are required to remove or install these ceiling panels and is easily carried out by one person.

The new Forward Bulkhead is lightweight and has a pocket either side for Safety Cards, Magazines etc. providing an ideal place to incorporate your company logo into the moulding. Sliding doors for this bulkhead are supplied as an option.

There are a variety of colours available, from soft pastels to vivid hues. The standard colour selection features white with a contrasting light grey used for the lower wall panels. Please be advised that an extended delivery is applicable for all colours required other than the standard (light grey and white). The delivery time for kits is normally 4 weeks from receipt of order.

Optional Extras

Apart from the cabin interior, optional extras are available which include:

  • Cabin Heater Duct Kit
  • Cockpit/Cabin Sliding Doors
  • Cockpit Quilted Panels Set
  • Cockpit Plastic Mouldings
  • Crew Seat Covers
  • Pax Seat Covers
  • Replacement Seat Mouldings


aAero Plastics and Structures is approved by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) with a Parts Manufacturing Approval (APMA) in accordance with CAR part 21.

This replacement hardwall interior kit is supplied with an Australian STC and includes an Illustrated Parts Catalogue and Installation Manual. The AP&S interior kit can be supplied with a Canadian DOT.

All materials are tested to ensure they comply with the FAR part 25,853 flammability requirements. Copies of these test reports are included with the Authorised Release Certificate.

Aero Plastics and Structures implements and conforms to the requirements of AS/NZS ISO9001 Quality Assurance.
Please Note: Existing light and vent units are to be re-used.